Six Things You Need To Do To Make Sure Your New Windshield Stays In Good Shape

It's a relief to have a new windshield installed on your vehicle after you've experienced windshield damage. However, your windshield may quickly become damaged again if you don't take care to keep it in the best possible shape.

The following are six things you need to do to make sure your new windshield stays in good shape. 

Leave your window down a crack in hot weather initially

You may not be aware of the fact that the air inside your vehicle expands when the temperature is high. This can put stress on the urethane or other adhesive that holds a new windshield in place.

It's important to avoid closing up your windows all the way when you park in hot weather right after your new windshield is installed. This will ensure that the adhesive has adequate time to dry and strengthen before a lot of pressure is placed on it. 

Avoid heavy traffic when possible

There is always more of a risk of experiencing windshield damage when you drive in heavy traffic. You're more likely to get in an accident in traffic or have roadway debris hit your windshield that has been projected up into the air by another vehicle's wheels. 

Plan your route to avoid traffic as much as possible to protect your windshield and the rest of your vehicle from dings and dents. 

Avoid driving at especially high speeds

When you drive at higher speeds, any debris in your way hits your windshield with more force. This increases the chances that your windshield will experience cracks or dents. Driving at slower speeds not only protects your windshield but also makes you a safer motorist out on the roads.  

Periodically clean your new windshield

Cleanings are important for avoiding residue accumulation on your windshield. Cleanings also help to remove small pieces of gravel that could eventually cause chips and cracks if they become embedded in your windshield. These chips and cracks can expand over time and become more serious problems, so it's important to prevent them. 

Try not to drive over gravel or other roadway debris

Gravel and roadway debris can be driven over in such a way that it gets knocked up against your windshield. It's best to avoid running over gravel or any type of roadway debris whenever possible to prevent scratches and dings on your windshield and auto body. 

Park in the shade when possible in hot weather

Extremely hot conditions can potentially aggravate any weak or brittle spots on your windshield. This can cause small cracks on your windshield to expand.  For this reason, you should try to park in an area that is shaded when you park in very hot weather. 

Contact an auto glass shop for more information.