Why You Need To Hire A Professional To Install Frameless Glass Shower Doors

If you are wanting to install frameless glass shower doors for your bathroom, then you should hire a frameless shower door installation service. These sleek, clean shower doors are a great look for any bathroom, but you should hire a professional.

Custom Fit

Frameless glass shower doors are not something you want to order pre-made. They are generally custom orders based on the measurements of your shower space. You will need to measure your shower entrance and leave a few centimeters of space in between the glass panels so it can swing, plus space for the floor. The size of the glass panels you need will almost certainly be unique, and if you can't properly measure it then you risk an ill-fitting shower door that either can't open or has too wide of gaps. Shower door installation services can measure, properly, with ease.

Breakage Concerns

Another major concern with installing glass shower doors yourself is that the glass is heavy, expensive, and could break if it's mishandled. Regular shower doors are set in a frame before they're attached to the main shower door frame, so they're easier to handle and install. Additionally, they are usually lighter than frameless doors as they don't need as much glass to remain stable and strong. On the other hand, frameless glass panels can weigh 80 or more pounds each. If you can't manage a shower door this heavy, then you will want to hire a professional frameless shower door installation service.

Difficult To Install

One final aspect of installing a frameless glass shower door yourself is that these doors are harder to install than regular shower doors. Even if you install the frame yourself, most of the work for installing regular shower doors involves setting the frames in the right place, screwing them into the wall, and sliding the door itself in. Meanwhile, frameless shower doors have no frame to guide you when installing the hardware. Plus, you need to leave gaps for the bottom of the panels and find hardware that's strong enough to handle the door without slipping. You also need to screw the hardware into the glass panel with caution so that it does not break. All of this can be incredibly difficult if you do not have the professional experience needed.

There are many reasons to hire a professional frameless shower door service rather than trying to install the shower doors yourself. Frameless shower doors are heavy, expensive, and need to be made to specific measurements. Plus, they are difficult to install and could break if you aren't careful. If you have a frameless shower door to install, call an installation service for help.

For more information, contact a local shower door service.