3 Easy Ways To Know It Is Time To Replace Your Windshield

One of the most disappointing things for a vehicle owner is the cracking sound of a hard rock hitting your windshield. When it happens, you wince and hope that the damage will not be too extensive. However, sometimes the damage is more than just a little crack you can ignore, and it can compromise your vehicle's safety on the road.

Most vehicle owners stay with cracked windshields because windshield replacement is not very cheap. However, it is important to know when the damage is repairable and when to invest in a new windshield. Here are three easy tips to help you figure out it is time for a replacement.

1. When Your Windshield Can No Longer Withstand Impact

Each crack that forms on your windshield weakens it. This makes the windshield less capable of withstanding further impact. For instance, a windshield with no damages can withstand a significant impact. However, a windshield with three or more cracks will either explode into small bits of crack up into a spider web when pressure is applied to it.

The more the cracks on your windshield, the higher the risk would be in the case of an accident. If a collision happened, a windscreen with cracks would cave in and hurt the vehicle's occupants. In this case, there is no need to repair the screen; you should have it replaced.

2. When It Interferes With Your Vision

The other way to tell that you need to replace your windshield is when the damage makes it hard for you to see. Clear vision is critical on the road, especially during the rainy, dusty, and foggy seasons. When the windshield has cracks, it becomes nearly impossible for the wipers to clear the moisture and fogginess from it.

Poor visibility is one of the leading causes of accidents in poor weather, don't minimize your road safety chances by driving around with a cracked screen.

3. When You Have Been Stopped

Traffic police will flag you when they feel your vehicle is a safety risk to the road. When a traffic police officer stops you, assesses your car, and gives you a ticket for your windscreen, it is time to replace it. In most states, another violation will lead to bigger problems with the law.

You can also consult professional auto mechanics to figure out if the windshield needs a replacement. Timely replacement assures you of safety and security inside your vehicle. Choose a reliable auto repair shop for windshield replacement.