Enhancing Your House With A Glass Shower Enclosure

The installation of a glass shower enclosure is an upgrade that has the potential to greatly improve the aesthetics of your bathroom while also minimizing the amount of water that splashes out when individuals are using it. Whenever a person is considering investing in the addition of a glass shower enclosure, there are many options that they will need to review during the planning phase.

Be Aware Of The Weight The Enclosure Can Add To The Surrounding Walls

A factor that individuals may not always consider is that their glass shower enclosure will add a fairly substantial amount of weight to the surrounding walls. Depending on the design of your bathroom and the particular shower enclosure that you are wanting to install, you might need to have the walls reinforced. This will help them to better support the added weight so that the enclosure will be firmly held in place without putting excessive strain on the walls. 

Decide Whether Sliding Glass Doors Will Be The Best Option For Your Space

The choice between a shower door that slides or swings open will be another consideration that you will have to review. Depending on the amount of space in the bathroom, it may be fairly easy for a swinging glass shower door to strike toilets, counters, or other objects that could cause the glass to break. Opting for a sliding glass door can avoid this risk, but it will come with the limitation of making it impossible to opt for a fully frameless enclosure design.

Consider Whether You Want Clear Or Frosted Glass For The Enclosure

Frosted or clear glass is another decision to make. Many individuals may prefer the aesthetic of a glass shower enclosure that is clear. However, an option that is frosted can have the benefit of providing a greater degree of privacy for the person that is using the shower. Some individuals may assume that frosted glass will be more difficult to keep clean, but this is not the case as both of these options can be easy to clean and durable enough to last for many years.

Installing a new glass shower enclosure is a project that will require a person to consider a number of factors that will impact the installation of the enclosure along with the aesthetic that the enclosure will bring to the bathroom. In particular, these factors will require a person to have the walls assessed to ensure they can support the weight of the enclosure, to decide on the style of door to install for it, and to choose between frosted or clear glass.

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