4 Ways To Transform Your Home Using Custom Mirrors

If you are tired of your current space and thinking about transforming it, you don't have to spend a fortune on the project. Throwing in a few décor changes might help you give your house the facelift it deserves. For example, mirrors are inexpensive decorative features that you could use to transform your home. If you want to find new ways to use custom mirrors and bring out the best, here are some ways you can improve your house with mirrors.

1. Install Mirror Artwork

Do you have an eye for impressive artwork? You can't go wrong with custom mirrors designed as art pieces. You could choose mosaic mirrors to accommodate different patterns, colors, designs, and shapes.

Other mirrors are molded to look like other objects such as animals or sculptures. Custom mirror artworks are available in numerous varieties to suit different client tastes and imaginations. You could speak to the local suppliers to review their portfolios and find something that suits your preference.

2. Opt for Mirrored Walls

Mirrored walls might sound a little too extensive, but they are crucial in toning down the effect of large pictures or dark paint. Rather than installing one large mirror on one of your walls, you could decide to erect numerous beveled mirrors with metallic frames and hexagonal shapes to achieve a unique look.

Mirrored walls are known to make rooms virtually bigger. Consult with an interior designer to help you pick a style that will accentuate your living space and help you achieve your goals.

3. Create a Gallery of Mirrors

Do you have a spacious room that feels cold or dull? Round mirrors with simple frames are the best when creating a gallery of mirrors. Find different mirror sizes to help create a perfect vignette. You can make the room spacious by placing the mirrors on the walls at different levels.

4. Use Mirrors on Furniture

Decorative mirrors aren't reserved only for wall decorations and tabletop placements. Go the extra mile with creative ideas like integrating mirrors into your furniture. You can line your bed's headboard or sideboard with the mirrors. Bedroom and bathroom cabinets could do well when lined with pieces of mirrors across the surfaces. Ensure that the custom mirrors are safely installed to avoid cuts and accidents.

Step out of your comfort zone and use these innovative ideas to transform your home using custom mirrors. Get a glazing contractor on board to choose and install mirrors to enhance different parts of your home.

For more information on custom mirror installation, contact a professional near you.