Glass Options Available for Patio Sliders

A sliding patio door, also referred to as a sliding glass door or a patio "slider," is an excellent way to ensure a seamless transition between your house interior and the patio area while letting in plenty of natural light and ventilation. It is also a space-saving option for your home, as it does not require clearance in front or behind the door opening — a sliding door remains parallel to the wall and smoothly glides to one side of the wall during operation.

But did you know that not all sliding patio doors are made the same?

Made of large glass panels secured onto narrow framing systems, sliding patio doors come in all shapes and sizes to suit the requirements and budgets of different users. When shopping for patio doors for your home, you should recognize that these doors can be designed with various glass types.

Read along to learn about the different types of glass used for your sliding patio doors.

Tempered Glass

If you are looking for strength and impact resistance, consider tempered glass for your patio door system. This type of glass is made by subjecting regular glass to a toughening process that usually involves using high heat and pressure, as well as chemical treatment processes to make the glass stronger.

In spite of its high strength, tempered glass is not indestructible. When impacted by massive forces, this patio glass shatters into smaller bits instead of leaving more dangerous, larger pieces of glass stuck in the door. 

Laminated Glass

Unlike tempered glass, which derives its strength from the pressure and heating process, laminated glass gets its strength from glass layers and resin — this type of glass is produced by merging two or more glass panes with a thin layer of plastic, usually polyvinyl butyral (PVB), placed in between.

When impacted, laminate glass does not break into small pieces as tempered glass does. Although the glass will crack, it will be held in place by the plastic interlayer.

Laminated glass is essential for applications where there is a need to prevent forceful entry into homes. The plastic layer sandwiched between the sheets of glass provides an additional layer of security, making it difficult for intruders to gain access to your home.

As the need to improve energy efficiency at home increases, more and more glass manufacturers are now offering reflective glass products, as well as double- or even triple-glazing options to their customers.

Contact a glass specialist today to explore your patio glass options.