The Benefits Of A Euro-Style Shower Door

Are you looking to renovate or upgrade your bathroom in the near future? One key area of any bathroom is the shower or bathtub setup and what this area looks like can have a large effect on the overall vibe of the bathroom. Today, homeowners wanting a more high-end look are choosing to go with a Euro-style shower door. Here's why you might want to contact a local expert regarding shower door installation or frameless, all-glass shower doors today. 

A Frameless Glass Shower Door Provides a Clear View to the Back of the Shower and That Can Add an Open Vibe to Your Bathroom

If you are trying to make a smaller bathroom look larger, getting rid of a tub and shower curtain and allowing an unobstructed view of the back shower wall can be a great way to add a more open vibe to your room and make it feel larger as a result. A frameless glass shower door provides exactly the unobstructed view you want for your upcoming renovation or remodel. Even if the size or optics of the room are not a concern, a frameless glass shower door can help you show off your shower interior if desired. This could be key if you will be installing a new marble interior or a shower crafted with other high-end materials.

A Frameless Glass Shower Door Might Help Keep Mildew at Bay

A tub and curtain setup is notorious for allowing mildew to grow over time, thanks to all of the crevices that can form within the curtain's various folds. Even a glass shower door built into a frame can cause issues as the crevice between the frame and the glass can provide the perfect spot for mildew to form over time. With a Euro-style glass door though, there will be nowhere for the mildew to hide from your next cleaning session.

A Frameless Glass Shower Door Makes Maintenance and Cleanup Easier and Less Time Consuming

Speaking of cleaning, a frameless glass shower door can make the entire process much easier and more time efficient for you. That's because the shower door will become one seamless piece of glass and you can quickly and easily wipe down all of the area without worrying about a frame or anything else getting in the way. With your shower door now easier to clean, perhaps you'll even start cleaning it more often because you know all it needs is a quick and simple wipe down and then you can get back to your day.

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