Limited Bathroom Space? Choose The Right Shower Enclosure

If you want to add a shower stall to your small bathroom, you may wonder if you can make room in such a limited amount of space. A shower enclosure may be the best option for your limited space. Shower enclosures come in different shapes, including square, rectangle, and semi-oval. With the right installation company, you can have the shower you desire without compromising your needs. Learn more about shower enclosures and which type of shower enclosure you can install in a small bathroom below.  

Why Do Shower Enclosures Come in Different Shapes?  

Shower enclosures come in different shapes. The shapes of the enclosures not only make the structures look attractive and stylish, but they also make it easier for homeowners to take advantage of their bathroom space. The shape of an enclosure can either make a large bathroom appear elegant and luxurious, or it can make a small bathroom appear quaint and comfortable.

The most common shapes for shower enclosures are square, rectangle, semi-oval, and half-circle. Square and rectangular shower enclosures generally work well for small or limited spaces. The elongated shapes allow the enclosures to fit in small corners of a bathroom or along the sides of it. 

Semi-oval and half-circle enclosures tend to be more spacious. The enclosures' curved shower glass makes them appear larger than traditional shower stall glass. The enclosures also work well in bathrooms with unlimited space inside them, such as en suite, or ensuite, bathrooms. 

Now that you know more about the shapes of shower enclosures, you can contact an installation contractor and purchase the enclosure that works for your bathroom. 

Which Shape Should Your Shower Enclosure Be?

A contractor will most likely inspect your bathroom before they offer the right enclosure for it. The inspection helps determine where to install your enclosure and how. A contractor can also measure the space inside your bathroom. Even if your bathroom seems small, a contractor may still be able to retrofit the room to house a larger enclosure. 

After they complete the inspection of your bathroom, a contractor will help you select a shower enclosure. If a contractor can retrofit your bathroom to fit a larger enclosure, they may offer to install a semi-oval or half-circle enclosure in your bathroom. In this case, a contractor may need to custom-make the enclosure to fit the limited amount of space. 

If your bathroom simply doesn't have room for a larger enclosure, a contractor will install a square or rectangle enclosure in it. You may be able to add designs, such as flowers or seashells, to your enclosure as well.

Learn how you can find the right shape shower enclosure for your small bathroom by contacting an installation contractor today.