What To Do If You Have A Commercial Window With Damage Or A Crack

Commercial glass windows are typically made using durable laminated glass, but damage can occur to the glass if it suffers from an impact. Commercial window repair services can help replace or repair the window glass for you and ensure that the installation is done correctly so it will last.

Store Front Windows

Retail stores often use large glass windows that they can use for display areas for merchandise. If damage occurs on one of these large windows, it is vital to have a commercial glass repair service inspect it to determine if the glass is still stable. 

These windows span a large area with support around the outside edges, so if the center cracks, the glass could become weak enough to break unexpectedly. A crack in the glass could be enough to cause the weak spot, so having it checked should be a priority to ensure the safety of everyone visiting your business. 

The larger the window is, the more likely this is to become a problem, but the repair service can tell you want needs to be done to ensure a proper repair to the glass. Many times that means replacing it, but a small chip or crack may be repairable if it does not go through both sides of the window. 

Replacing The Glass

Replacing a broken piece of commercial glass is not that much different than standard glass, except that commercial glass is often installed in permanent supports, so only the glass is removed and replaced, not the entire window frame. If the window is in a frame with damage to it, the commercial window repair service may need to remove the frame and replace them together.

Replacing the frame is not very common because the window frames are often extruded aluminum and hold up under many conditions. However, if a car hits the window frame, or something falls on the building and bends the aluminum, you may need to have the repair service replace the frame at the same time as the glass. 

Often the window frames are custom-built for the structure, so a new frame must be fabricated and installed, then the glass installation can happen. Commercial glass can be heavy, so sometimes the commercial window repair service will need several people to move it. Oversized glass may require a crane or another machine to support the weight until the glass is in place. 

It may take a few days to get a new commercial window, especially if it is extremely large. The glass must be cut and sized perfectly to fit the opening because if it does not, the sheet could break during the installation process. For more information on commercial window repair, contact a company near you.