4 Signs That Windshield Glass Repairs Or Replacements Are Needed

There are many drivers on the roadways who need windshield repairs or replacements. They may dismiss issues such as cracks or chips assuming that the damage is minor. Timely repairs could extend the lifespan of windshields and save drivers money. Drivers who ignore windshield damage are putting themselves at high risk if they are involved in car accidents. This is because damaged windshields compromise safety if an accident occurs. There might also be unwelcomed traffic citations for driving vehicles that have damaged auto glass. It makes sense to invest this money in windshields instead of traffic citations. The following points highlight signs that it is time for windshield replacement. 

Cracks and Chips

Cracks and chips must be assessed by an auto glass technician. They can determine whether windshield repairs are safe. This usually depends on the size of the damage and the location. It is dangerous to drive vehicles that have these types of damage because the glass could collapse during an auto accident. Cracks and chips may also interfere with drivers' ability to see the road clearly, which can lead to vehicle accidents. 


Windshields have a special adhesive applied to their frames. As a vehicle ages, the adhesive may deteriorate. Water may not initially enter the vehicle. Drivers may notice excess condensation. If they do not get a windshield replacement, water will eventually enter the cabin of the vehicle. This can lead to water damage to upholstery, carpet, and the electrical system. 


The sun may contribute to a windshield having discolorations. These imperfections usually appear as white or yellow spots. They cannot be removed by cleaning the windshield. However, vehicle owners can reduce the chances of this phenomenon occurring by regularly cleaning their windshields. This is a windshield replacement issue because the discolorations may impact visibility, which could cause a car accident. 

White Haze

This type of damage differs from discolorations caused by the sun's UV rays. White haze occurs on the edges of windshields and is a sign that the areas keeping the glass in place are weakening. The phenomenon occurs in aged windshields. It is a sign that the protective covering on the windshield that prevents it from shattering is deteriorating. This means that drivers could have accidents and get serious injuries due to weak auto glass. It is important to note that white haze differs from haze that is caused by dirt and grime. An inspection can determine if the haze issue is due to windshield damage. 

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